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Do You Have Post Concussion Symptoms?

Headaches    Dizziness, Vertigo, Poor Balance    Light and Sound Sensitivity    Poor Sleep    Depression    Poor Concentration    Altered Sensation such as Numbness    Altered Movement or Gait

Overcome Your Post Concussion Symptoms Naturally!
Yes, I want my free consultation.
With our Concussion Free Consultation, you can learn more about how you may be able to confront the underlying issues causing your symptoms!

Unique Brain StimulationsWe would like to help you discover what's causing your continued concussion symptoms and determine if you're a candidate for our breakthrough care that has helped so many sufferers without medications.

The first step to potentially improving the way you are feeling is a “Free Consultation” with us.

Here is what will happen in this Free Consultation:

  • We will sit down with you and listen to your individual concerns you have. We will ask you specific questions about your head injury and your individual set of symptoms. This will allow us to know what you have been going through, what treatments you have tried, and how your concussion symptoms are affecting your life.
  • You will have a chance to see our facility and see the specialized neurological therapies we do.
  • You will have all your questions answered about what we specifically do and how we have such great success helping post-Concussion syndrome patients using a drug free neurological and nutritional approach.

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